Saving Harry

— Magical paw prints guide Harry the hedgehog out of suburbia and back into the wild. Since the 1950s the number of hedgehogs in Britain has fallen from 30 million to 1 million. We could be faced with possible urban extinction of the much cherished little animal by 2025.

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If you liked the film and want to help our beloved hedgehogs, please consider making a donation:

The featured track ‘I’m Seeing Stars’ is available on iTunes, with all proceeds going to Wildlife Aid’s Saving Harry campaign

Directed by Kris Hofmann

with illustrations by Sandra Dieckmann

Model Maker/ Joe James

Puppeteer/ Amber Donovan

Art Department / Nicola Wren

Director of Photography/ Mirko Beutler

Lighting Assistant/ Peter Panoa

Additional Photography/ Filippo Bianchi

Sound Design/ Alexander Zlamal

2d Animation/ Lilian Fu

compositing / Kris Hofmann

additional compositing/ Nuno Costa

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