Website Mistakes that Affect Your SEO

The success of every website is dependent to a greater degree on the amount of traffic received by the site. If you have the budget, then paid traffic is the best since it comes in quick and is usually well targeted. Majority of the website owners however rely on the organic traffic coming from the search engines.

In order to take maximum advantage of this source of free traffic, proper search engine optimization is important. But many people are unable to get good results from search engine optimization due to some mistakes they make during the process. Watch out for this SEO mistakes if you want to reap maximum benefits from your SEO endeavors:

Poor Web Design

Bad web design will always hurt your search engine optimization efforts. Bad designs are a result of bypassing the professional web designer and resorting to create the site on your own or letting it to be done by an inexperienced designer. Several components need to be taken into consideration at the time of design to make SEO easy.

For instance, slow loading speeds, wrong permalink settings, lack of coherence in the content etc are some of the features of poor designs which are likely to hurt your search engine optimization efforts. The solution to this is to let qualified web designers to take care of your web design needs.

Keywords Stuffing

Keyword stuffing to gain better search engine ranking worked for a short time during the olden days before the search engines awoke to the importance and benefits of user experience. Keyword stuffing refers to stuffing a given web page with just a single keyword hoping to manipulate the search engines for better rankings. Even though keywords are still important in SEO, they are not used in isolation in the determination of website ranks. If you decide to stuff keywords, you will still attract the attention of the search engines only that you will get your website sandboxed never to be seen on the searches again.

Not enough content

Just like keyword stuffing, thin websites won’t provide you with any benefits as far as SEO is concerned. It is normally said that content is king and this is very important when doing search engine optimization. Unlike the past, when short and sweet content was preferred by the search engines, the current trend is to have long, detailed and informative content in the website.

According to the search engines, this type of content offers more value to the site visitors compared to small continent that are perceived to be of low quality. It therefore pays for websites to publish relevant, valuable and high quality content in the websites.

Broken Links

User experience is at the core of the consideration made by search engines when determining your rankings. Broken links offer a poor user experience simply because they don’t point to the intended destinations. The user will thus be disappointed to click on a link hoping to be redirected to the content they were looking for only to find that the link does not work. If this is the case with your links or content, then you risk being penalized for poor user experience which will eventually affect your search engine optimization efforts.

Using copied content in your website

Using copied content from other websites on your sites is not just unethical but it’s an outright theft that can see you prosecuted for violating copyright laws. If you want good results for your SEO, you need to have original and good quality content that doesn’t exist in any other place apart from your website. Copied content is a serious violation for some of the search engines like Google and you may have the whole of your website de-indexed never to be found again.

Poor title tags and Meta description

Titles tags are very important for on page search engine optimization. A content management system like Joomla or WordPress will in most cases generate the title tags for your pages but it is imperative that you check them and ensure that they are the appropriate ones. They should be unique and reflect the type of content contained therein. With the right title tags, the search engine crawlers will index your site properly, the user will find relevance between the titles and the content they are reading, and your links will also look natural and click worthy when someone bookmarks your pages.

The same applies to the Meta description. These are essentially your sales letters in the search engines hence they need to be unique, persuasive and short to the point. Failure to observe these will result in guaranteed poor search engine rankings.

Bad Link Building

Poor link building is another mistake that hinders the progress of effective search engine optimization. You should have in mind that when it comes to link building, quality is given more weight than quantity. Links pointing back to your site and those pointing out of your site speak a lot about the relevance of your website.

While doing your link building therefore, it is recommended that you get only the links that are relevant to your website, you should also have more inbound links than outbound links and the link building process should be natural so as not to trigger the spam filters.

Failing to optimize your website for the local search

If your business is aimed towards offering goods and services for a particular city or region, then you need to optimize your website for the local searches. This will be more relevant in the eyes of the search engines since your services or products are needed by the local people as opposed to the global audience. Simply search for the relevant local keywords and use them appropriately in your website.

Avoiding using Analytics

Analytics gives you the data to break down the performance of your website. From the data, you can tell which keywords or phrases are bringing in a lot of traffic and to what tunes. You will also learn about the origin of your traffic so that you can improve on geo targeting for better results. However, many will never bother to have a look at their key metrics or ignore the data they get and begin whining about how their sites are not ranking well.

If you have been committing the above mistakes, then it is time that you changed tact so that you use the right strategies which will give you the particular outcomes you desire.


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